ATTENTION:  Dentists!

What follows is your Golden Opportunity to
join an Exclusive Group of Savvy Dentists
taking a “Shortcut to Success”…with the
First 2 Months FREE!


The Clock’s Ticking…
How Long Will It Be Before YOU Can Confidently Say:   “I Now Have The DREAM Practice I’ve ALWAYS Wanted”?

Whether you feel like you’re “just around the corner”…or “far, far away”… from your own DENTAL PRACTICE NIRVANA, you would likely agree that every dental practice including yours has room for improvement.  Well, that’s why I’m writing you today.

But Only If You Act NOW!

Dear Doctor,

As you can see, I’ve included a picture of a clock throughout this page.  I’ve done so as a reminder that “the clock’s ticking”.  It always has been, it always will be.  It’ll never stop, wait, or slow down…no matter what you do, or how badly you may want or need it to.  It just keeps going, tick, tick, tick…

Whether you’re early or late in your career as a dentist, you’re no doubt keenly aware that NOW is the best time to take a good hard look at the direction in which your practice is headed.  Perhaps you may be asking yourself questions like these:

If you aren’t asking yourself the above questions, you should be.  Why?  Well, there are 2 main reasons, and they both have EVERYTHING to do with TIME.  First, you may find that the answers to the questions above are NOT what you were expecting or hoping for…and that time is running out on the realization of your ultimate goals.  Second, you may think that you have plenty of time ahead of you, BUT…

Each day that passes by without you making meaningful progress toward your goals is a LOST OPPORTUNITY for you to achieve your goals sooner!  The reality of “opportunity cost” is often difficult to recognize.  Simply put, “opportunity cost” is the total value of the rewards in life that you have not yet capitalized on.  Failure to understand and grasp this concept will COST you dearly:

- LOST growth; LOST enjoyment; LOST income; LOST “stomach lining”…LOST TIME.


“…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…”

Here Is Your Next BIG Opportunity… And NOW Is The Time To Capitalize On It!
I’ll Even Let You ‘Test Drive’ The First 2 Months FREE!

In front of you is an invitation that VERY FEW dentists will ever receive.  It’s an invitation to join an EXCLUSIVE group of savvy dentists who recognize and act upon a great opportunity when they see it.  The doers…the movers and shakers…the ultra-successful.  And, for a limited time, you can become a “Charter Member”, and enjoy a package of privileges and benefits of membership never before offered, while also saving big money!

Dental Insiders Alliance!

Dr Bowman
Dr. Chris Bowman

My name is Dr. Chris Bowman, and I’m a full-time practicing dentist, author, speaker, and dental success coach. Over the past 14 years I’ve “cracked the code” to many of the most common frustrations that we all have in our practices. That’s right, I face the same challenges in my practice that you face in yours. However, I’ve developed unique techniques, strategies, and systems to minimize the negative effects those challenges have on my practice. Taking one GIANT LEAP further, I’ve turned them into opportunities for MASSIVE growth!

Just five short years ago I was doing “OK”, generating good revenues but struggling with profitability. My bills were piling up, and I couldn’t keep up, to the tune of $94,572 in past due accounts payable. My stress level was incalculable, and there seemed to be no end in sight.

Flash forward to today, and it’s a completely different story. My practice revenues have more than DOUBLED and my profitability has QUADRUPLED! And here’s the kicker…it’s all happening in 20% LESS DAYS PER YEAR than before! So, I’m spending more time doing the things I want to do, and living my life on my own terms.

Regardless of what YOUR life goals are, you deserve the opportunities to experience the thrill of achieving them…sooner instead of later! The best way for that to happen is for you to MAXIMIZE RETURNS from your practice so you can live the lifestyle you want. Whether you want to spend more time with your family, build wealth, travel the world, can, and you should. And your practice can indeed be the biggest “money machine” you’d ever want, providing you the means to do exactly that, and more! Here I'll show you how.

I founded Dental Insiders Alliance because it is my MISSION to help dentists MAXIMIZE their success.  You see, the more successful you are, the more effectively you will be able to serve your patients…and your profession…as well as yourself and your family!  You’ll have more control over your practice, and your life.  That’s why I’m assembling the “best of the best” information and resources for your success in dentistry.

This is NOT an “ordinary” group of dentists!  As a member of Dental Insiders Alliance, you’ll be exposed each month to unique information that’ll give you a distinct ADVANTAGE in practice growth and development over your peers who don’t have access to membership.  Nowhere else will you find the combination of resources that I’ll be serving up, via several different means and methods.  I’ll get into all the details in just a moment.  But for now, let me make one thing “crystal clear”:

Not Only Can You ‘Test Drive’ Your
Dental Insiders Alliance Membership FREE For 2 Full Months… I’ll Also Give You My
One-Of-A-Kind Double Your Money Back “$10K GUARANTEE”!

For as long as you’re a member, I invite you to closely examine ALL of the materials that come your way each month.  If you EVER feel that the concepts, ideas, and systems you’ll receive each month are not worth a bare minimum of $10,000 in increased annual income to you, then upon your request I’ll cancel your membership and cheerfully refund DOUBLE the amount of that month’s membership fee…no questions asked!  You must be completely satisfied, or I want you to cancel your membership.

Our office has learned so much from Dr. Bowman it's UNBELIEVABLE!  He has the most amazing way of giving only the relevant and important informationHe is "practicing what he preaches" every day in his own practice, and it shows. It doesn't get much better than that!

Stop listening to the folks who aren't doing what they're saying.  Dr. Bowman has so much insight into the way that a dental practice is supposed to work, it's phenomenal.  PLEASE, PLEASE listen to what Dr. Bowman has to say...and then "just do it" ASAP!

Dr. Steffany Mohan
Des Moines, Iowa

Join Dental Insiders Alliance TODAY!

If you are looking for straightforward business building advice that can have an instant impact on your practice and your income, then becoming a Dental Insiders Alliance member is a must for you.  While Dental Insiders Alliance will indeed touch on clinical issues, it’s primary focus will be on helping you to build your dental practice into an income-producing machine on auto-pilot.  Thus you’ll have more time to do the other things in life you love to do.  Ultimately you may only practice dentistry because you WANT to, instead of because you NEED to.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Don’t Procrastinate! Read On, Because This Amazing Membership Offer Expires On
December 31, 2010!

“…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…”

Over the past several years, Dr. Bowman's practice building ideas and insights have been so valuable to me, that I've had to create not one, BUT two digital files just to contain all of his indispensable information.  If you're not listening to him and implementing his wisdom, you're missing out BIG TIME!

Dr. Chris Port
Hendersonville, NC

OK, now let’s get down to the “nitty gritty”:

Here’s Everything You’ll Get As
A Charter "Preferred Member" Of
Dental Insiders Alliance:

BENEFIT #1:  Your monthly subscription to "DENTAL INSIDER SECRETS"!
               This is dentistry’s NEWEST and HOTTEST newsletter; the “flagship” component of your “Shortcut To Success”.  Every month, via  first class mail, you will receive at least 12 content-packed pages, sometimes more.  Below is a partial list of the primary focal points of “Dental Insider Secrets”:

- Practice Development:  How to quickly build your “dream practice”, using the right strategies and systems.

- Marketing:  How to tastefully, ethically, and effectively  market your practice, both internally AND externally, without risking too much of your hard-earned cash.  What works and what doesn’t…including examples of both!

- Leadership and Success:  What attributes make great leaders great?  What traits do they have in common?  One great leader will be profiled per month…most from outside of dentistry…and their secrets will be revealed. 

- Communications/Verbal Skills:  How to develop “Verbal Invincibility”, or ‘bulletproof’ verbal skills, within your practice.  Also, NON-verbal cues, or “what you’re really saying when you’re not talking”.

- Psychology:  What makes your patients tick, and how to “connect” with them.  Access the “hot buttons” that drive their decisions.  Plus, what you MUST do to turn your patients into “Raving Fans”.

- Case Acceptance:  The “holy grail”…how to create an environment where your patients REQUEST your BEST treatment…without  the dreaded old “hard sell”.

- “Buried Treasure”:  Where are hidden profits lying dormant within your own practice?  How to “crack the code” of your own “treasure map”.

- What’s NEW:  Whether it’s technology, new concepts, innovative services, WHATEVER…I’ll be on top of it.

- Guest Expert Articles:  Tap into the minds of some of dentistry’s biggest names…AND those who are still “under the radar”…as they reveal their expertise on specific topics.  You won’t want to miss these pros!

- Subscriber “Q & A”, Letters, and MORE MORE MORE!

Each issue of “Dental Insider Secrets” could very well be viewed as an intense “seminar in print”!  Every month you’ll want to find a quiet place, settle into a comfy chair, prop your feet up, and immerse yourself in every word, with highlighter in hand.  Then after reading you can file your pre-3-hole-punched issue away in your new FREE 3-ring bind-----(oops, you weren’t supposed to find out about that yet), for future reference.  Soon you’ll amass your very own “Dental Insider Secrets” library, full of practice building solutions!


Your newsletter is short & sweet, and it really is awesome!  I get a lot of newsletters... from Dan Kennedy, Jerry Jones, etc... but yours has lots of great practical advice with steps to how to get it done... much appreciated!  Two of my favorites are the payment plan ideas, and the new patient packet concept... :)

Also - CONGRATS on baby #3...hope all goes well.  I have two little boys myself - neat to see your little guys.

Dr. Sean Tarpenning
Eau Claire, WI


BENEFIT #2Exclusive access to Monthly Live “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminars!
               Each month I will conduct a new, LIVE Tele-Seminar for Members Only.  These 60-90 minute learning opportunities are my exclusive interviews with successful leading experts, both in dentistry and from outside the profession.  (Keep in mind that much of what I’ve learned that has contributed to my success has been from NON-dental mentors!)  Each expert will be carefully chosen based on their ability to contribute meaningful information to you that can skyrocket your income

During each call we will “dig deep” into a particular topic, and uncover new secrets that will guide you further through your “Shortcut To Success”.  The Tele-Seminar is an ideal learning experience.  You can enjoy the benefits of a live lecture without the traveling!  Plus you’ll have the opportunity to ask probing questions directly to the experts during the “Q & A” sessions on each call.

Just one of these Tele-Seminars could instantly mean thousands and thousands of dollars to you in increased revenue for your practice.  Still another may introduce new concepts to you that may shave years off your retirement schedule.  And just think…you’re gonna get 12 of these Live Tele-Seminars to “chew on” per year!

You’d have to pay a virtual FORTUNE in CE tuition, consulting, and travel expenses to visit with and hear the wisdom of these truly special guests I’ll be interviewing.  With the monthly “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminars, all 12 of them will be visiting you…and it’s all INCLUDED in your regular monthly membership fee!


I am finally getting around to telling you how much I enjoyed last week's broadcast.  I can't wait until the next issue for more.  I have been sharing this with my staff and I am looking forward to the next newsletter. 

Alex White, D.D.S.
Mobile, AL  

Hi Tom,

First, please forward on to Chris Bowman how valuable that conference call was that he did last month. We have broken that into series of terrific office meetings. I can't wait to get the CD for my staff to hear it in its entirety.


Ginger Bratzel

Office of Dr. Ron Bratzel

Socoro, New Mexico

Hold On, I’m Not Finished Yet.  In Fact, I’m Just Getting Warmed Up!

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BENEFIT #3A CD Audio Recording of EVERY “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminar!
              So you say you can’t make it to the phone for every “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminar?  No Problem!
Each monthly call will be digitally recorded in its entirety, and I will have a copy delivered to your door via first class mail.  How’s that for service?!

You will never miss out on any of the valuable information dispensed on these private Tele-Seminars.  Plus you’ll be able to convert your commuting hours into “POWER HOURS”, as you can listen and learn while you drive to and from work, around town… many times as you wish!

On top of that, you can easily slip one of these CD’s into your office stereo or computers, turn up the speakers, add your team, and now you’ve got great stuff for your next office meeting!  While some of the “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminars will be for “Doctors Only”, many of them will include critical information for the team as well.  Implementation of new ideas will be MUCH easier when the entire team is involved!

Lastly, each guest on my monthly Tele-Seminars will be leaving their personal contact information at the end of each call.  That means you’ll have continued exclusive access to the experts long after the call has ended!

I always look forward to listening to Chris’s monthly CD... it’s packed full of useful ideas.  We have recently utilized the CD’s in team meetings.  Chris has GREAT verbal skills to model!  We are even beginning to get paid in advance for cases via his 8% courtesy idea.

Dr. Brock Lynn
Dallas, TX

Dr. Bowman...You’re a wonderful speaker.  The best part about you is that you’re real...not like some of the other dentists that are doing public speaking.  You had tons of great ideas, that I know we will be using soon.

Kelly Greene, CDA
Executive Administrator
Kingery & Kingery, DDS, PLLC
Clemmons, NC


Are You Kidding?  You Still Want More?  Well, OK…My Pleasure!

NOTE: This next benefit is not offered anywhere by any other dentist!

BENEFIT #4Six Multi-Hour Sessions of “Open Call-In Consult” Time Per Year!
               You may want to go back and read that again.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of such a thing.  It’s actually quite simple to explain, and it can really pay off BIG!  Here’s how it works:

Once every other month I will schedule at least three hours, usually on a Friday, as “Open Call-In Consult” Time for Dental Insiders Alliance members only.  You can call a private number during those hours and gain one-on-one access to me, to consult with you, about anything at all that relates to your dental practice.  Depending on the volume of calls, you could spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour with me privately… up to six times per year!

Whether you wish to ask me about something you saw in “Dental Insider Secrets”, heard on an “Executive Insider” Tele-Seminar, or whatever else, just one tip that “connects the dots” for you can make a HUGE difference in your practice.  For example, in less than three minutes I can share with you my simple methods for making your patients’ testimonials AND referrals SKYROCKET.  And that’s just off the top of my head.

If you’re prepared with sharp, specific questions, I’ll give you my best, most specific answers.  All this with no additional consulting feesYou just can’t beat that, now can you?!


What a difference a year makes!
Good evening Chris and Tom, It's Peter.

Last year at this time (FEB) I was rethinking my job.  What to do, how to do, when to do?  I needed some coaching, guidance, kick in the bum, someone to HELP!!!!!!!!  Now, it's not to say I wasn't having a great time doing dentistry...I love it!  Now, I REALLY love it!  We’re UP 60-70% in COLLECTIONS over last year!  February was a DOUBLE...up 100%+!  The staff is getting $300 to $600 bonuses and I love writing those checks!

Thanks Chris, Tom,
Dr. Peter Evans
Williamsburg, VA

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BENEFIT #5Members Only Savings on ANY of my products, services, and seminars!
               As a Dental Insiders Alliance member, you’ll save 10-30% off anything that I or any of my businesses produce as a product, service, seminar, etc.  2007 will be the first of many years in which I roll out numerous useful resources for practicing dentists.

Dental Insiders Alliance members will always be the first to know about any new developments that occur.  I can’t say much about future products and services at the present time, but I can say that they have HUGE potential to help bring you TRUCKLOADS of profits.  Plus you’ll enjoy VIP treatment at any of my future single or multi-day seminar events.  I’ll keep you posted…but only if you’re a member!

YES, There’s Even More, But Hurry…
December 31 Isn’t Far Away!


“…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…”


BENEFIT #6Dentistry's "Too Good To Be True" Bonus Package! Actually, it's 11 FREE gifts worth over $2173.00!
              Just for joining Dental Insiders Alliance as a ‘Charter Member’ by
December 31, 2010, I’ll throw in Dentistry's "Too Good To Be True" Bonus Package. better not procrastinate because there are only 29 of these available, and they're going fast.


Here's what you'll get:

FREE GIFTS #1 & 2 :  2 months FREE Preferred Membership in Dental Insiders Alliance with FULL benefits   (normally $194)


FREE GIFTS #3, 4, & 5 :  3 Past Issues of Dental Insiders Secrets newsletter, a "flagship" benefit of Dental Insiders Alliance Membership   (normally $291)


To Any Dental Meeting Planner Looking for a SLAM-DUNK Speaker

I have run dental meetings now for over a decade. Our latest meeting at the Bellagio in Las Vegas was a VIP 5-Star affair with 12 speakers and 300 attendees.

Dr. Chris Bowman's presentation was SO powerful and SO well received that I immediately REHIRED him for two subsequent gigs. One was a national teleconference for which he was my solo guest speaker. My clients were FLOORED with his information.

Chris is a down-to-Earth, easy-listening type of presenter with absolutely NO HYPE. He simply shares his "GEMS" with the audience as if he were speaking with you one on one. No matter if there were three or three HUNDRED in the room.

I would urge any planner to sign him up BEFORE his fees go through the roof and his calendar fills beyond his ability to book anyone else! Feel free to contact me as a reference any time.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Tom "the Gems Guy" Orent

1000 Gems Seminars & Gems Insiders' Circle

FREE GIFT #6:  FREE CD: "How To Virtually GUARANTEE Your Patients Will BE THERE For Their Appointments!"  (normally $97)


FREE GIFT #7: FREE CD: "How To SKYROCKET Your Referrals And Testimonials!"  (normally $97)


FREE GIFTS #8 & 9: 2 FREE CDs: "Marketing From A-Z! Parts 1 and 2"  (normally $194)


Dr. Bowman's seminar on Verbal Skills was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone trying to understand how the patient thinks, and how to convey the importance of quality care.

After the seminar, I feel more confident in answering patient questions regarding best care treatment options, and in increasing treatment acceptance levels for our office.

Cathleen Martin

Dental Assistant

Premier Dental

Bordentown, NJ

FREE GIFT #10: FREE Ad Critique Certificate: I'll personally critique one of your existing ads or marketing pieces, including a written report (180-day expiration!)  (normally $800)


FREE GIFT #11: FREE 30-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call: I'll personally discuss any topics you you want to talk about in a private phone conversation (180-day expiration!)   (normally $500)


NEW Bonus Added For Limited Time:

"How To Be The Most Famous Dentist In Your Area !"

Offer Expires June 30 Dec 31- Only 22 11 4 CDs left!


Normally this staggering list of invaluable services would require an investment of $2173.00...but it's yours FREE just for "test driving" your Preferred Membership in Dental Insiders Alliance!

Oh, by the way...the ACTUAL VALUE of this information, if implemented, is absolutely WITHOUT LIMITS to you and your practice!

I only have 47 29 of these packages available...and once they're gone, they're don't delay.

And these materials are all FREE. There is no long term commitment, and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, although I can't imagine why you would, you can still keep all of Dentistry's "Too Good To Be True" Bonus Package!



Dear Dr. Bowman,

I am e-mailing you regarding your "Million Dollar Verbal Skills" presentation in Natick, Massachusetts on Thursday (September 15, 2005).

The seminar was so excellent, I want to get your Power Point presentation and go over it repeatedly with our staff until it gets deeply ingrained!


Peter Gopal

Business Manager

Premier Dental

Bordentown, NJ


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“Alright Chris, What’s The Catch?
Why Are You Giving Me A FREE 2-Month Membership To Dental Insiders Alliance PLUS All This Extra Stuff?”

That’s a great question, one I’d probably ask myself.  Honestly, the truth is……………..

I’m Trying To Get You “Hooked”!

Yep, that’s it!  I’m hoping…actually I KNOW…that once you get a taste of all the benefits of your Membership in Dental Insiders Alliance, you ’ll REFUSE to give it up…period.  That’s why I’m comfortable and willing to give you 2 months FREE.  After all, if you find that all the ideas, concepts, and systems made available to you do indeed provide you with your “Shortcut To Success”, then it would be silly for you to not remain a member, right?  Absolutely!  But if I don’t “deliver the goods” as promised, then I don’t deserve your investment, now do I?  I can’t more up front than that.  You are the judge AND the jury, as it should be.

Here’s How It Works:

To activate your FREE 2 months and become a ‘Charter Member’ in Dental Insiders Alliance, all you’ll pay is a one-time postage charge of just $5.97  ($9.97 International) for the entire 2 month period.  The bottom line is that you’ve got to experience everything for yourself before you can make a final decision.  It really doesn’t matter what I say until you’ve actually tried it.

After the first 2 FREE months, beginning with month 3, I will automatically charge you the “Charter Member” fee that I’m offering for Preferred Membership in Dental Insiders Allianceonly $97 per month!  Just $3.18…about the same as a small cup of soup…per day.  This  represents a savings of $50 off the normal Preferred Membership fee of $147 per month!  It’ll never be this low again.



Roz Fulmer
Dental Consultant
LaSalle, IL

The above "Preferred Membership" offer expires on December 31, 2010 at

“…tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…”

Again, My One-Of-A-Kind, Double Your Money Back $10K Guarantee!

If you find during these first 2 months, or at ANY time thereafter, that you want to cancel your membership, simply call toll free (888-842-3221) or FAX (512-628-3490) my office, and upon your request we will NEVER charge your credit card again from that point forward.  No hassles, no hoops to jump through, “no worry, no cry”.

In fact, for as long as you’re a member, I invite you to closely examine ALL of the materials that come your way each month.  If you EVER feel that the concepts, ideas, and systems you’ll receive each month are not worth a bare minimum of $10,000 in increased annual income to you, then upon your request I’ll cancel your membership and cheerfully refund DOUBLE the amount of that month’s membership fee…no questions asked!  You must be completely satisfied, or I want you to cancel your membership.


Let’s Review, Shall We?

Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of EVERY opportunity that comes your way?  Well, you’ve got to admit that the opportunity I’ve presented to you here is pretty compelling…even AMAZING.  I recommend that you JUMP on this NOW, before my offer expires on December 31, 2010 at 8PM EST!

With your PREFERRED MEMBERSHIP in Dental Insiders Alliance you’ll get:

   ...all for only $97 per month…after your FIRST 2 MONTHS FREE!


"Hi Chris!  I have been appreciating the newsletter, CD's, and all the great info.  This membership has been very valuable to my team and I."

Guy W. Gross, DDS
New Horizons Dental Care
Salina, KS

I’m confident that once you experience Membership in Dental Insiders Alliance, you will discover more opportunities to grow your business into your very own “Dream Practice” than you ever thought possible.  So go ahead, embark on your new “Shortcut To Success”.  Join Dental Insiders Alliance today!

My warmest regards,


Dr. Chris Bowman

PS:  HERE you’ll find your Dental Insiders Alliance “Charter Member” Activation FormPlease fill it out completely so you can immediately receive all the benefits of your new Membership!

PPS:  Please remember that this amazing “Charter Subscriber” Offer expires on December 31, 2010!

PPPS:  Also remember that you must be one of the First 27 “Charter Members” in order to receive Dentistry's "Too Good To Be True" Bonus Package outlined above.  Please hurry…once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By
Join Today!!

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